Recent Fire Damage Before & After Photos

Fire Caved in Roof of South Jordan Home

Why are there air movers and dehumidifiers on a fire damaged home? The roof of this home in South Jordan was severely damaged because of a kitchen fire. The fir... READ MORE

Home is a total loss in Draper, UT.

Different types of insurance coverages for homeowners. Depending on the damage a home might be declared a "total loss" by the insurance adjuster. The meaning of... READ MORE

Kitchen Remodeled After Fire

Remodling kitchen after it suffers from fire. The fire started on the stove, burning up the cabinets, stove itself, and leaking soot and smoke in the entire hom... READ MORE

Soot Stained Carpet After Fire Damage.

Damaged carpet after a fire in South Jordan. Carpets are made to get dirty. We walk around them every day. However, after a fire they can look as the one in the... READ MORE

Cleaning out the dryer to avoid fire damage.

A dirty dryer can cause a fire claim. After each load of laundry it is important to clean out the lint trap. Once the trap is filled with lint the overflow will... READ MORE

Pack out after a smoke damage in Draper, UT

The insurance adjuster authorized a pack out. What is a pack out? When a home has suffered fire damage or smoke damage it is important to remove as much content... READ MORE