Recent Storm Damage Before & After Photos

Flooded Basement due to Broken Sprinkler Head

Sprinkler head floods basement. There are times when sprinkler heads do not go into the ground after they have watered the lawn. When they stick out they often ... READ MORE

Restaurant Flood Damage, Salt Lake City

Large flood in Salt Lake City Restaurant. After a torrential rain hit the Salt Lake City area this commercial building flooded. The flood water sat for almost 2... READ MORE

Flood Water in the Kitchens

A dirty kitchen after rain storm. The dirt in the kitchen was brought in by flooding in the South Jordan area. Getting the kitchen dried and clean was a priorit... READ MORE

Heavy Flood Damage in Municipal Building

Municipal building is flooded with four feet of water. The flood line on the walls of this municipal building can give you a good picture of the amount of damag... READ MORE

Flooded Office Mitigation in Draper, UT

Extracted flood water in Draper, UT office. Although there didn't seem to be that much water in the office it sure left behind a lot of dirt and filth. During t... READ MORE

Severe Flood Damaged Building

Damaged property due to flooding. It seemed the rain would never stop in South Jordan. The storm drains in the city filled up and there was no place for the wat... READ MORE