Recent Water Damage Before & After Photos

Drying Bathroom Tile and Walls

Bathtub overflow and quick mitigation. Speed is the key when it comes to mitigation. The longer a water loss sits the more damage it will do. As soon as the tub... READ MORE

Frozen Pipes Burst and Damage Ceiling

Ceiling damage in Draper, UT when pipe bursts. The first step after a broken pipe is to turn off your water. The next step is to get mitigation and drying sched... READ MORE

Ceiling Damaged By Supply Line

Supply line break in above bathroom ruined the ceiling in the basement. A supply line break is a common issue from homeowners. This particular damage started in... READ MORE

Wet Wood Floors Start to Cup

"Cupping" is when the wood starts to swell and lift on the sides creating a "U" shape or cup. Just because the wood floor is cupping doesn't mean it's ruined. S... READ MORE

Tenting a Wood Floor in South Jordan

Saving a wood floor from water damage. Tenting a wood floor can be tricky if you don't know what you're doing. The goal is to get as much water to raise to the ... READ MORE

Water Damage Carpet Cleaning

In many cases a water loss can cause a lot of secondary damage to a home. At SERVPRO we respond quickly to begin the mitigation process. Once we get all of the ... READ MORE