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24/7 Emergency Response to Any Commercial Disaster

3/19/2019 (Permalink)

Your local Draper, UT, SERVPRO responds faster to any size disaster

Flooding, fire, water damage, raging storms and other outside factors can cause excessive damage to your building and therefore require you to shut down operations for 24 hours or more. The longer it takes to remediate the disaster, the more money you stand to lose. If your business is like most, it can't stand to lose more than a day's worth of profits. Your local Draper, UT, SERVPRO responds faster to any size disaster so that you (or, if you're an insurance adjuster, your client) can get back up and running as soon after disaster strikes as possible.


SERVPRO franchises are locally owned by remediation professionals in your community. The owner of your local branch might be your neighbor, your friend's cousin or an employee's husband's sister. When you elect to use your local branch for damage remediation, you support local business. However, that's not the only reason you should call on SERVPRO to help out in your time of need. Some other benefits of utilizing this franchise above other disaster cleanup crews are as follows:

  • Locally owned, which means it can respond faster to any size disaster
  • Corporate reach, which means it has extensive reach and resources
  • Franchise standards, which means professionals are trained to IICRC standards in Fire and Water Cleanup and Restoration

In addition to the above, SERVPRO requires franchise owners and their teams to undergo continuing education courses to equip them with the tools they need to decrease response times and remediate disaster faster.

Insurance Company Preferred Vendor

Because of the aforementioned reasons, SERVPRO is the preferred vendor when it comes to investigating and handling insurance claims. The franchise's reputation for quick response and utilization of best practices means any adjuster can count on a branch to handle an insurance claim in a timely fashion—and everyone knows timely means cost-effective. Cost effective services and the ability to respond faster to any size disaster gives SERVPRO an edge both insurance companies and their customers can get on board with. To mitigate loss as much as possible, contact your Draper, UT, disaster remediation franchise now.

Why Do Insurers Prefer Certain Vendors?

2/18/2019 (Permalink)

SERVPRO provides extensive IICRC employee certification and training as well

An insurance company is likely to recommend a preferred vendor to clean up and restore damage at a residence in Bluffdale, UT. Insurers prefer certified vendors with a track record of providing accurate estimates, supporting claims processing and completing jobs quickly. Here are a few reasons why an insurance agent may recommend a vendor.

Claims Information Center

Leading mitigation and restoration services maintain electronic management tools for the benefit of insurance representatives. Whenever SERVPRO responds to a call and provides an estimate, this information becomes available on the Claims Information Center. Agents and adjusters can also access the following types of collected data for counties, states, regions and nationwide:

  • Causes of loss
  • Franchise and company comparisons
  • Job file cost
  • Response times
  • Types of claims

This information enables an insurance agent to make more informed decisions when processing and settling claims. Insurers may be more likely to include companies that provide electronic management resources in a vendor program.

Industry-Leading Certification

The Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification is a leading certifying body in the mitigation and restoration industry. Insurers are more likely to want to work with vendors certified in several cleaning methods:

  • Applied Structural Drying
  • Carpet and upholstery cleaning
  • Fire
  • Water

SERVPRO provides extensive IICRC employee certification and new franchise training as well as continuing education and e-learning programs. Certified training allows for more successful restoration jobs.

Participation Agreement

In order to receive insurance client referrals, each SERVPRO franchise must agree to 21 guidelines. These requirements range from background checks to insurance coverage and help to maintain high service standards nationwide.

These factors combine to set preferred vendors apart from the competition. An insurance company may rely on a vendor program to guarantee high-quality work. A homeowner or insurance agent can start the process by scheduling an on-site consultation in Bluffdale, UT, and obtaining a verbal briefing and estimate.

Why Do Mitigation Experts Make Flood Cuts?

11/27/2018 (Permalink)

Flood cut after water damage in a Riverton,UT residence

A flood cut can reveal the extent of water damage after flooding as well as the severity of mold risk. Find out what the cut involves and why mitigation professionals find this method of detecting flood damage to be useful.

What Is a Flood Cut?

A flood cut is a procedure to determine the extent of water damage after a flood. These cuts

  • Involve cutting out drywall
  • Are made about one foot above the flood water level
  • Reveal the presence of moisture behind a wall

If your residence has experienced flooding, a strategic cut can reveal whether flood water has permeated through building materials. Mitigation experts will need to tear out damp drywall or insulation, as these porous materials cannot be safely dried and will pose a contamination and mold risk.

How Does a Flood Cut Reveal Water Damage?

Flood cuts enable professionals to determine whether insulation has become damp. These cuts

  • Test the condition of building materials
  • Reveal insulation
  • May expose the presence of mold

For all of these reasons, a flood cut is an easy way to determine how extensive the mitigation process will need to be. Homeowners should not attempt to make flood cuts, as the process may result in exposure to volatile organic compounds associated with mold growth.

How Can a Flood Cut Indicate Mold Risk?

A flood cut can help restoration experts determine the

  • Amount of moisture
  • Extent of contamination
  • Likelihood of mold

If insulation is moist, a tear out is necessary to prevent mold. There is no way to dry out porous building materials. Drywall and insulation will need to be replaced after the space behind a wall thoroughly dries.

Schedule a consultation with mitigation and restoration professionals regarding flooding in your home in Riverton,UT. These experts can pump out water, clean, and disinfect the damaged area prior to making a flood cut.

Commercial Property: Protecting Your Assets with Commercial Insurance and Emergency Preparations

11/27/2018 (Permalink)

Fire remediation in a Herriman,UT commercial building

Commercial Insurance

Commercial insurance protects against numerous perils, such as theft, natural disaster, water and fire damage. While it is an incredibly valuable policy, many business owners don’t understand the fundamentals, factors or considerations that go into making a well-rounded policy. Additionally, while it is nice to have coverage in case of peril, it is also beneficial to have an emergency plan in place.

1. Cost of Insurance

While the price of commercial coverage may seem steep, it is necessary to understand risk and liability. Some businesses, such as railroads and manufacturers, will spend more on insurance because of the increased risk of usage. However, while the price is a concern when considering coverage, you should also consider the fact that commercial premiums are deductible.

2. Factors that Dictate Premiums

As stated previously, there is a correlation between risk and commercial insurance premiums, but there are several additional factors that play a role as well.

  • Location
  • Occupancy
  • Construction
  • Theft and fire protection

All of these elements combine to establish a premium. If your business is mainly constructed of fire-resistant materials and is also designed as an office building, then your premiums will be lower than an apartment building cheaply built.

3. Considerations for Additional Coverage

In addition to typical coverages, you may be interested in insuring several critical components of your building. These components may go beyond the building to the office equipment inside, inventory, signage, landscaping and even accounting records and other documents.

4. Preparations for Potential Disaster

Aside from insuring your property, you may want to prepare an emergency readiness plan with an emergency restoration specialist in the Herriman,UT, area. These plans will take effect immediately following a disaster, allowing these services to mitigate damage as quickly as possible, preventing further loss.

Commercial insurance can be a significant expense, but for those that understand its value, it is well worth it. However, beyond having the coverage in the event of a disaster, it is vital to mitigate further loss to both keep your coverage and reduce further damage.

Why Is My Mold Back? 3 Things You’re Doing Wrong

11/27/2018 (Permalink)

Moldy wall in a Bluffdale,UT business

You spent the time and money to get rid of mold, and you’re all ready to rest easy - until you see it’s back! Unfortunately, mold is a hardy little organism, and that means spot mold growth can linger unless every possible feeding source is eradicated. Read on to figure out just why that spot of mold keeps returning to your Bluffdale,UT, business.

Why Is Mold So Stubborn?

Mold has many unique biological characteristics that make it thrive well in nature. Mold spores:

  • Survive harsh surroundings
  • Are light and easily distributed through the air

That explains what makes mold so pesky. But why do you see the same spots of mold again and again?
You Didn’t Remove the Water Source
Mold loves water. Something as simple as an HVAC drip pan or an area near a poorly ventilated appliance can create the doorway to mold growth. If you keep seeing the same spot of mold, look for signs of water damage nearby.

You Have Poor Ventilation
Even if you can breathe easy in a building, it doesn’t mean the ventilation is ideal. Poor ventilation leaves moisture trapped in the space, and that’s a sure route to mold. Kitchens and bathrooms especially are high-humidity areas where proper ventilation should be a priority.

You’re Not Drying Things Out
Whether it’s a commercial kitchen or a carwash, many commercial buildings generate lots of wet towels and fabrics. When those aren’t hung up to dry out quickly, they become a magnet for mold. And remember, the spores spread. If you have a spot of mold that keeps returning, make sure you’re not putting wet towels near that location regularly.
Repeated cycles of mold growth can be frustrating, and sometimes there’s nothing you can do but call in mold professionals. Find your city’s mold remediation experts, and that mold spot will be gone in no time.

Why Is There Mold In My House?

9/11/2018 (Permalink)

Mold damage on wall in a South Jordan, UT home

If you've had to tackle a mold problem more than once, you may be wondering why it grows in your South Jordan, UT, house. The truth is that mold is a natural part of the environment. When it's outside, mold breaks down dead matter, such as leaves and old trees. Mold reproduces by shooting out spores that can hang in the air and are easily transported by the wind, pets, and your shoes. If there is a wet spot or high levels of humidity in your home, mold, including black mold, could get tracked in and begin establishing a colony.

The Right Conditions for Mold Growth

There are several common moisture problems that could increase the risk of your mold in your home, including

  • Aging appliances
  • Broken pipes
  • Broken water supply line
  • Flooding
  • Hidden leaks
  • High humidity

It's impossible to completely get rid of all the mold and spores in your home. After all, you're probably tracking it in on a regular basis. However, there are many things you can do to decrease the risk of black mold development.

Clean Up Existing Mold

The first step is to conduct a thorough mold cleanup process. Depending on the severity of the problem, you may be able to do this yourself. If the affected area covers a large space, if it's difficult to find the source of the growth, or if you're not confident that you've found all of the mold, it's best to contact a mold remediation professional.

Cut Down the Moisture in Your Home

The next step is to focus on controlling your moisture problem. This means responding immediately whenever you find a dripping pipe or leaking house. Don't forget to look into dark, moist areas, such as inside your HVAC system. If left alone, these situations could lead to extensive damage and long-term consequences. Your quick response can save you from further expenses related to those damages. Although mold exists naturally, you can control black mold growth in your home with a quick response to any areas of moisture.